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Moldovan network of rural volunteering centers for
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International NGO Journal Vol. 3 (8), pp. 143-145, August, 2008
Available online at http://
ISSN 19938225 2008 Academic Journals


Moldovan network of rural volunteering centers for water

Petru Botnaru
Galesti, Straseni, Republica Moldova, MD 3717. E-mail: +373 69126480. Fax +373 23746565
Accepted 12 August 2008

   Drinking water crisis is a present days problem especially for Republic of Moldova, mostly for the rural localities, which represents more than a half of countrys population. Only 17 of them have aqueducts, 67% of which are in a miserable situation and dont fit the hygiene standard. The populations in the rest of the rural localities make their water supply from wells and springs, the majority of which are polluted with pathological bacteria. The Republic of Moldova is a member of the group of European counties with the lowest degree of supplying with drinking water. Only the population of Chisinau city and other towns receive continually the necessary amount of relatively qualitative water. The rural inhabitants access to qualitative drinking water cant be presently satisfied because of the low income level (20-25 USD for person per month) and also because of lack of money in local and state budget. Important financial sources are needed, and they can only be offered by international financial organizations and by donor country governments. In rural localities, in such difficult situations water sources are not protected, people dont know water quality and for example Hepatita A cases rise year by year. read more...